About Us

We are a premium spices supplier in Sri Lanka, delivering Sri Lanka’s authentic flavors to the world from our impeccable expertise

About Oreta International

The Premier Spices & Food Product Supplier in Sri Lanka

Oreta food products are sourced from our sustainably managed countryside plantations, factories, and a specialized roster of farmers who offer quality-regulated, and highest quality spices.

With years of experience and a growing list of happy customers, we have established quality assurance as the main priority at every stage from harvesting to delivering.

About Oreta International


Oreta International aspires to be the leading spices and food products supplier in Sri Lanka that promotes provision of authentic, healthy, eco-friendly and premium quality food products to the global market by presenting the purest state of the natural products that we export.


The company aims to strive forward in the market by delivering highest quality products and developing strong relationships with customers. We thrive to introduce novel processing and packaging solutions to preserve the original and premium taste of Ceylon food.