Ginger, a member of the plant family Zingiberaceae, has long been used as a medicinal herb and a spice with an incomparable flavor.

Ginger Exporter in Sri Lanka
Ginger Exporter in Sri Lanka

Ginger Exporter in Sri Lanka

Ceylon ginger rhizome or ginger root is smaller and has yellowish flesh. They have a refined flavor and a delightful scent. Ginger is an essential ingredient in the Sri Lankan home. Naturally, our local farmers are committed to growing ginger in its purest form.

As a dominant ginger exporter in Sri Lanka, Oreta International cultivates ginger in wet and intermediate zones to ensure maximum yield and the highest quality.

We harvest fresh ginger and dry ginger separately to provide them with efficient and effective treatment.


Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger is mostly used to enhance culinary experiences and for medicinal benefits. Our shipping services ensure that the fragrance and freshness of the fresh ginger we export are completely preserved thanks to our innovative packing solutions.

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Dry Ginger

  • Dry ginger is a popular type of ginger in the global market.
  • We guarantee 100% freshness with no added chemicals in our farming process.
  • Once mature ginger is harvested, our farmers soak, clean and delicately grate them.
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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

I highly recommend Oreta International. Great consultants and fast delivery.


Spice and Rice Import Export - Germany

I received a fresh bulk of Ceylon ginger and other spices. They export natural products with earthly aroma!

Elf Warrior

Sanitriba Marketing - Spain

One of the most experienced ginger exporters in Sri Lanka I’ve come across. Their packaging was innovative to ensure that the aroma didn’t get contaminated. I highly recommend their products.

Beauchêne Mone

Yocub International - France

I highly recommend Oreta International. Thank you for the quick responses. Gayan was friendly and answered all my questions and arranged the shipment in one day. I received highest quality Ceylon dry ginger and fresh ginger in 2 days!

Albani Cira

Viva - Italy

Oreta International delivers a few days of ordering and they have a well trained staff who support us on a daily. Happy to say that they are highly reliable ginger exporters in Sri Lanka with products of superior quality.

De Vries

Hollin Trade Net - Netherlands

Highly recommend Oreta International. High quality products. Great customer service and fast & safe delivery.

Lim Joshua

Athium Hotel - Singapore


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a free sample first?

    Yes, our samples are free. Please contact our sales agent to arrange your delivery. Kindly note that you should bear shipping charges.

  • How to order Ceylon Ginger from Oreta Food Products?

    To order Ceylon Ginger, simply go to the Contact Us page and send us your inquiry through the message box, or email, WhatsApp message, or call our sales agent (All the relevant details are included in the Contact Us page) to place your order. As a leading ginger exporter in Sri Lanka we promise a safe delivery with innovative packaging to preserve freshness of our products.

  • Why Ceylon Ginger?

    Ceylon Ginger, has a small ginger rhizome which gives it a sweet fragrance and exceptional flavor. The premium quality of Ceylon Ginger is proven by the way it enhances culinary experiences and the endless health benefits that it serves.

  • What is the estimate time to delivery?

    If you order a sample, we ship the product within 24 hours of order confirmation. You will receive the delivery within 2-5 days.

    We are well-known for our quick document services and delivery. If you place a wholesale purchase, delivery may take two or more days, depending on the country and if the shipment is air freight or ocean freight. Our sales representatives will offer you with an accurate shipment timeline.

  • What is the minimum & maximum order?

    You are not required to place a minimum or maximum order since you can personalize your purchase to your liking.

  • If I have questions or need your support, how can I get assistance?

    Our customer support team is available 24/7 because we are always eager to assist you! Our contact information is in the Contact Us page of our website. You can email, WhatsApp message, call us or send us a message through the message box if you need our support.