Nutmeg & Mace

Sharing the same mothering tree, Ceylon Nutmeg and Mace are popular spices used in culinary, medicinal as well as cosmetic industries.

Nutmeg Mace Exporter in Sri Lanka
Nutmeg Mace Exporter in Sri Lanka

Nutmeg & Mace Exporter in Sri Lanka

Nutmeg is the oval-shaped seed of the nutmeg tree while mace is the red outer coating that surrounds the shell of the nutmeg seed. When the nutmeg fruit is nearing to split apart, our farmers separate mace and the nutmeg seed, and dry under sunlight.

As Ceylon Nutmeg and Mace had a unique aromatic essence and flavor, they were largely exported to the world market since the 19th century.

As a premium nutmeg and mace exporter in Sri Lanka, we take pride in continuing that legacy.



The main reason behind the popularity of nutmeg exporters in Sri Lanka in the global spice market is that Ceylon Nutmeg contains an acute flavor of hazelnut. It also has a mild note of sweetness and an earthy flavor added to its endless health benefits.

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  • The myristic acid in Ceylon Mace creates an intense aroma and flavor.
  • Similar to nutmeg, mace has its own health benefits for the human body.
  • As a mace exporter in Sri Lanka, we produce some of the finest mace in the world.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

I highly recommend Oreta International. Fast delivery and thoughtful packaging and top quality products for the best prices in the market.

Vogt Stein

H.L.K.S. Spices - Germany

The customer support we received throughout the process was exceptional. Great products and fast delivery. I’m thankful for Oreta International for sending us the products with such short notice.

Nair Sigh

Istah Trading - UAE

The mace they produce is 100% natural and so aromatic. I believe that the professional packaging was the reason for preservation of the aroma. Highly recommend them.

Adel Salah

EL Ekhlas - Egypt

I highly recommend Oreta International because they are professional, reliable and export premium quality spices.

Hussain Khan

Al Suhuri Trading Est. - Saudi Arabia

We ordered Nutmeg for the first time from Oreta food products and we are extremely impressed by the whole experience. Certainly a great nutmeg exporter in Sri Lanka.

Chén Liú

Qengdao Tai Foong Foods - China


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  • How can I get a free sample?

    Contact one of our sales representatives for a free sample of any of our goods. We will dispatch the samples within 24 hours after receiving confirmation of the sample request. Delivery takes 2-5 days, depending on the country to which we ship the order. Please keep in mind that shipping costs for samples are the responsibility of the client

  • How to order Ceylon Cloves from Oreta Food Products?

    Go to the Contact Us page and send us your inquiry through the message box. Alternatively, email, WhatsApp, or call our sales agent to place your order. (All the relevant details are included on the Contact Us page)

  • Do you ship Ceylon Nutmeg and Ceylon Mace worldwide?

    Yes. We ship all our products worldwide.

  • What are the shipping methods you provide and the approximate time for the delivery?

    We may dispatch your order through air freight or ocean freight. The shipping might take two or more days based on the country to which we deliver, and the delivery method.

    Because sample orders have less document services, they may be dispatched faster. But do not worry about bulk orders. We have a reputation for delivering fast since our documentation services are quick and efficient. Checkout the feedback we’ve received from our clients!

  • If I need your support, how can I get assistance?

    Our contact information is available on our website’s Contact Us page. We have a customer support staff available 24/7 because we are happy to help. Send us an email now if you have any queries concerning the ordering procedure or the products!