Ceylon Pepper

Grown in the rural farms of the tropical Sri Lanka, Ceylon pepper is a humid plant which has a high demand across the world.


Pepper Exporter in Sri Lanka

Known as the King of Spices, pepper is a necessity in the culinary world for the comforting flavor it imparts to culinary experiences. As a prestigious pepper exporter in Sri Lanka, Oreta International exports some of the finest pepper in the world.

With routine care and attention, our farmers cultivate Sri Lankan black pepper and white pepper which have their own distinct strong flavors and aroma.

As a pepper exporter in Sri Lanka, Oreta International offers a world-class range of pepper to the world market.


Ceylon Black Pepper

Sri Lanka’s black pepper is a dried whole fruit which is harvested from seed berries of piper nigrum. We are a pepper exporter in Sri Lanka that produces spices with high piperine content not only for lingering flavor but also for medicinal purposes.

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Ceylon White Pepper

  • Ceylon white pepper is a cured and dried pepper which is milder than black pepper.
  • We harvest white pepper at its freshest state with advanced processing techniques.
  • As a major pepper exporter in Sri Lanka, we export pepper with no external contaminants.
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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

We realized that Oreta International is an experienced pepper exporter in Sri Lanka from our first order. We ordered white pepper and black pepper from them and received it within 4 days. Pure pepper!


Kapalua Motage Bay - USA

Highly recommend Oreta International. High quality products. Great customer service and fast & safe delivery.

Lim Joshua

Athium Hotel - Singapore

We ordered our first bulk of Sri Lankan black pepper from Oreta food products and we can’t be happy enough. The delivery was fast and the packaging was highly admirable as it preserved its freshness unlike many experiences we’ve had from other exporters.

Theo Lucas

Spice Mountain - UK

I highly recommend Oreta International. Thank you for the quick responses and the friendly customer support.


The Baharin - Germany

From my experience I can say that Oreta International is a highly reliable pepper exporter in Sri Lanka with products of superior quality. Totally satisfied with our contract.

Ethan Jacob

Rexnode Products - Canada


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get a free sample first?

    Our samples are, indeed, free. To schedule a delivery, please contact our sales representative. We ship the order within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of the sample order. It may take 2 to 5 days for your order to arrive. The courier fees will be paid by the customer.

  • How to order Sri Lankan pepper from Oreta Food Products?

    Go to the Contact Us page on our website and send us your inquiry through the message box. Alternatively, you can email, WhatsApp or call our sales representative (All the relevant contact details are mentioned in the Contact Us page) to place your order.

  • Why Sri Lankan pepper?

    Sri Lankan pepper is natural and contains a higher piperine which gives it a dominant grade in the pepper family with a characteristic pungency. As a result, pepper exported from are known for its premium quality in the world spice market.

  • What is the estimate time to delivery?

    If you request a sample, we will send it to you within 24 hours of receiving your purchase confirmation. Within 2-5 days, you will receive your package.

    If you place a wholesale purchase, delivery may take two or more days, depending on the country and whether you’re shipping by air freight or by sea. Do not worry, we are well-known for our quick document services and delivery. Our agents will offer you with a detailed shipment schedule.

  • What is the minimum & maximum order?

    There is no minimum or maximum order that you are obliged to make as you are able to customize your order according to your preference.

  • If I have questions or need your support, how can I get assistance?

    Because we are always glad to help, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Contact Us page contains our contact information. If you require assistance, please contact us through email, WhatsApp, phone, or through the message box on the Contact Us page.