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Natural spice gardens to enhance nutrients.

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High-quality spices with a rustic freshness.

Natural Taste

Earthly flavors derived from our Ceylonese soil.

Natural Aroma

Aromatic spices with the natural zest of life.

Why Sri Lankan Spices

A Leading Spices Exporter in Sri Lanka

Since around 2800BC, this pearl island has been a world leader in an exquisite range of fragrant spices. As a result, it is no wonder that Oreta International, a spices exporter in Sri Lanka, distributes a wonderful swirl of tastes.

Not only do our spices have flavoring capabilities, but they also possess medicinal properties and are frequently used in pharmacology and as cosmeceuticals. Ceylon spices, harvested with great care in the rural lands, are now lovingly accepted by the world.

Our Products

Ceylon Cinnamon

A spices exporter in Sri Lanka that supplies some of the best and healthiest of cinnamon in the world.

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Ceylon cinnamon ALBA exporter in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon - ALBA

Ceylon cinnamon No. 1 Quillings exporter in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon - No. 1 Quillings

Ceylon cinnamon C5 Special exporter in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon - C5 Special

Ceylon cinnamon C5 exporter in Sri Lanka

Cinnamon - C5

Ceylon Pepper

Ceylon pepper is the culinary workforce that evokes a sense of last-minute spiciness for a bon app├ętit.

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Ceylon Black Pepper exporter in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Black Pepper

Ceylon White Pepper exporter in Sri Lanka

Ceylon White Pepper


A spices exporter in Sri Lanka that grows premium cloves to enrich the intensity of flavors in every meal.

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Cloves Hand Picked exporter in Sri Lanka

Cloves Hand Picked

Cloves - Grade 01 exporter in Sri Lanka

Cloves Grade 01

Nutmeg & Mace

Nutmeg and mace merely enhance the sensation of experiencing the warm richness of a meal.

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Nutmeg exporter in Sri Lanka


Mace exporter in Sri Lanka


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World-Class Ceylonese Spices

As a leading spices exporter in Sri Lanka, we are delighted to provide you with the freshest and best spices in the world from the tropical island of Sri Lanka.

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About Us

Bringing years of experience to the field

Our farmers carry the specialized skills of growing the finest spices in the world with the experience and knowledge of decades.

To affirm that you receive unblemished Ceylon spices that burst with flavors and therapeutic aroma, we accompany our farmers throughout the entire procession.

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