Betel Nut & Betel Leaf (Paan Leaves)

In Asian cultures, betel nut and betel leaf are recognized for their distinct flavors and are also utilized for therapeutic purposes.

Betel Nut Betel Leaves Exporter in Sri Lanka
Betel Nut Betel Leaves Exporter in Sri Lanka

Betel Nut & Betel Leaf (Paan Leaves) Exporter in Sri Lanka

The seed of the areca palm tree’s fruit, Areca Catechu, is known as betel nut or areca nut. Betel leaf is harvested from the betel vine which belongs to the pepper family. The traditional preparation for betel chewing of wrapping the betel leaf with the betel nut is known as Paan.

Sri Lanka is one of the native countries for Areca Catechu L, and we are among the major areca nut exporters in Sri Lanka.

Similar to the spices we cultivate, betel leaf carries a cultural, religious, and traditional significance to our hearts.


Betel Nut

As an areca nut exporter in Sri Lanka, we produce areca nuts with exceptional medicinal qualities. Since our farmers have a cultural affinity with betel nuts, cultivating the best betel nuts for consumption is critical for them.

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Betel Leaf (Paan Leaves)

  • Oreta International is a premium betel leaf exporter from Sri Lanka.
  • Our betel leaves are cultivated and hand-plucked by our farmers with special care.
  • The driving force of the superiority of our products stems back to our cultural roots.
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Our sales agent was Kamal. All we had to do was provide him all the information needed. He took care of the rest! Extremely satisfied with the products we received!

Arvind Gupta

Rajew Masala - India

Working with Oreta International is so easy. We ordered betel nuts and betel leaves. We received them so quickly and the products were fresh and aromatic. There was no hassle because they communicated so well throughout the process. I highly recommend them for your business too.


Macrocenter - Turkey

Best betel leaves exporters in Sri Lanka. We are happy with our delivery and the negotiations. Nihal was friendly and attentive to all our questions and needs.

Kevin K.

London, United Kingdom

Supportive staff, fresh products and fast delivery. The products we received are in great condition. Thank you.

Ahemed Zainy

Trading & Marketing Est. - Saudi Arabia

Oreta International is a highly reliable areca nut exporter in Sri Lanka. I recommend their products because they are world class and they have the best rates in the market.

David Currie

Ramsay Foods - United Kingdom

Highly recommend Oreta International. High quality products. Great customer service and fast & safe delivery.

Lim Joshua

Athium Hotel - Singapore


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