As a food export company in Sri Lanka, we are driven by efficiency and sustainability at all phases of the journey, from sourcing to delivery



Harvesting & Buying

Purchasing from Local Farmers

We ensure that we purchase only the best quality spices by supervising farmers and the spice gardens. By closely monitoring the harvesting process, we confirm that the final products that we harvest meet the industry standards and are at their purest state, before delivering them to our international clientele.




Processing Through our Factories

In our cutting-edge spice factory, we use a reliable processing technology that allows moisture analysis, and other tests to be performed without chemicals or preservatives. We train our employees to follow eco-friendly practices in order to protect our ecosystem throughout our natural and sustainable processing period.




Safe & Secure Packing

It is our top priority to preserve the original flavor and aroma of the true Ceylon spices we export. Therefore, our employees closely monitor the packaging process. We take extreme steps to safeguard the goodness of our spices without any harmful chemicals that might compromise their originality until they reach your hands.




Exporting to Countries Worldwide

Without exception, we accept FCL as well as LCL shipments. Once an order is confirmed, we complete the documentations and dispatch the package approximately within two days. The shipment may be carried on through air or sea freight as per your requirement and the delivery typically takes two or a few more days.